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How to choose HID KIT-Comparing HID colors, brands VVME vs DDM

September 27, 2010

There has been alot of talk on here about HID conversion kits. For many of you this is new and confusing, it is hard to compare different companies by their web pages. You never really know what you have until you get it. This will be season 4 with HID conversions for me. I have tried many brands and colors. Here are some comparison pics of different lights that I have laying around.

 The lights go as follows from left to right… VisonX 4601 HID (7000K), JW Speaker 9710 HID (4100k) (off of a JD 4730 Sprayer), VVME 35w 4300k, DDM Tuning 35w 4500k, Xentec 35w 5000K (all of the last three in the same Speaker flood light housings). I run all VVME 4300k kits on our equipment and that’s all i put on others machines too. I’m not saying that DDM doesn’t have a good product but once you have tried the other HID lights , I think you would find that for a few bucks more the VVME kits are worth it, thats just my personal opinion.

The reason I like them is VVME kits are cheap, reliable, and almost identical to the factory HID on the tractors and they are not blue like other kits. Some of you might like the blue and thats fine, but I hope you can see there is a difference between HID kits. You will be able to see the differences in the light color. This will also show the variability between HID companies on how they rate the color temperature of their lights vs what they really are. The biggest thing I noticed was that the DDM 4500k bulb is more blue than almost even though it should be one of the whiter lights.

At the bottom I will put links where to get the products I am showing. Any questions feel free to email me and I will help you any way I can. I was also wondering if there would be much demand if i had different types of light kits made up ready to install that were for sale for NAT users, just a thought since I have kits and light housings laying around and if i could make it easier for a few of you the time would be worth it.

This Picture shows the VisionX, Speaker HID and the VVME 4300K on. The Speaker and the VVME are basically identical in color and light output.

Speaker HID, VVME 4300k – DDM 4500k (right) its much more blue

VVME (left) DDM (right)

VVME 4300k left Xentec 5000k right

VisionX 4601HID

Xentec 5000k

DDM 4500k

VVME 4300k

Speaker HID

Speaker HID and VVME 4300k on together – identical light

On the left is the DDM ballast the center is Xentec ballast, to those who are looking at VVME kits that is the same as the “normal ballast” or DDM this would be the new “raptor” ballast, also this is the same as mobilehid sells. Left is the VVME slim ballast, when to take them apart they are basically identical to DDM ballast. I still like the “normal” ballast just because of the one piece setup with shorter wires and the igniter is built into the ballast box not a separate small black box like you see on the slim ballasts. Most of what I install and use on mine and others are the slim ballast, they claim the life expectancy is higher on the slims.

VVME kits

(Always email them with a list of what you want for a quote on kit prices- lately I have been getting slim ballast kits for around $60 with 3 day shipping)


How to choose car headlights and tail light bulbs for lighting

September 6, 2010

Improve Your Car Interior and Exterior Lights with Xenon HID Bulbs

In the mordern world, the high  traffic world, more and more car accidents happened in every corner of the earth. One of the main reasons lies in the conventional car halogen lights cos the halogen lamps cant work well during fog or rainy days especially in the night time.

Anyhow a brighter, safer light for night time and bad weather driving, Xenon HID Bulbs help you to stay safe on the road away from the fog or bad weather night time. And this isn’t the only benefit Xenon lights have to offer! Along with their better lighting, xenon lights also offer better energy efficiency, less maintenance, better durability and a much more dependable lifespan than halogen lights. With the greater popularity of these lights, car owners have a greater variety of lights to choose from.

blue xenon bulbs

blue xenon bulbs

How to choose the right Xenon HID Kits right xenon bulbs type for your car?

Firstly, I want to let you know, there is Single beam and Dual Beam Bulb (BI-Xenon) types.

bi-xenon bulbs

bi-xenon bulbs

single beam xenon bulbs--MYDEPOTS.COM

single beam xenon bulbs--MYDEPOTS.COM

a) If your car use one bulb to give High beam and another bulb to give Low beam, that means your current bulb is Single beam model, so it should be one of these types: H1/H3/H4(HB2)/H7/H11/9004/9005(HB3)/9006(HB4)/9007/880/881.

You should buy the HID KIT accordding to your current bulb types. While, one KIT can give you only High Or Low, if you want both, you have to buy 2 sets.

b) If your car use one bulb to give both High and Low beams, that means your current bulb have two filaments, or we called it Dual Beam Bulb, so you should buy a BI-Xenon HID Kit, like H4-3(HB2),9004-3,9007-3,H13-3. You should buy the Bi-Xenon HID KI accordding to your current bulb types. Bi-Xenon bulbs are telescopic model, it can move so you can have one bulb to give you High and Low. One set of BI-Xenon HID KIT can give you both High and Low with HID.

c) There is another bulb type, H4-2(HB2) HID KIT , this kind of bulb is similar to H4-3, it can give you both High and Low beam, but one of the beam is halogen, another is HID. If your car use H4 type bulb to give both High and Low, you can buy H4-2 or H4-3 HID KIT.

Choose the right color for your car headlights and tail lights bulbs

When buying new xenon bulbs you may have noticed that they have different colour temperatures listed next them, for example 6000k, 8000k or even 140000k. The K stands for Kelvin and it is the unit used to measure the colour emitted by xenon bulbs.

Most colour temperature is rated from 4000K to 12000K while there are still some special colors exsiting such as 3000K for yellow golden .The colours are listed below

Special color

3000K is yellow golden

150000K is sky blue

30000K is pink, red , blue, green etc

ordinary color

4300K    Extreme White    3100 lumens

5000k    pure White            3000 lumes

6000K    Diamond White    2900 lumens

8000K    Iceberg Blue         2500 lumens

10000K   Brilliant Blue      2300 lumens

12000K   Deep blue            2100 lumens

all of the colors and its effectiveness, refer to the picture provided by HID KID professional manufacturerMYDEPOTS.COM

bubls color

bubls color

How to Install Xenon HID Kit if designed without plugs

August 26, 2010

In the mordern world,more and more Halogens bulbs are replaced by Xenon hid lights no matter for car headlights or motor bulbs and fog lights.. Different colors and high intensity discharge make your car more light  and beautiful than before when you drive on road during night. Anyhow, there are still so many people are not so familiar about how to install your xenon hid conversion kit.Here,, as the most professional american manufacturers of different xenon hid kit and bulbs, presents you the most useful guide and vedio as accessory. Why not follow the guide and solve your car’s headlights problems—lighten your car!

High-intensity-discharge (HID) xenon headlights have three major differences compared with halogen headlights: xenon and other noble gas headlamps employ ballast to regulate/maintain the electrical charge to the light bulb; a projector lens is used rather than a reflector; and good-quality xenon headlamps can last about 10 times longer than halogens.

Lots of  HID kits are designed without plugs, like Type H1 H3 H3C H4-1 H7 H7R H7T H8 H9 H10 H11 H13-1 H13-2 880 5202 .

hid kit relay harness

hid kit relay harness

Well we can still find particular introduction to them and their connection position in manual .

how to install xenon hid kit

how to install xenon hid kit

These plugs are not designed as Type 9007 since different cars are always with disparate jack figure.

Usually, HID headlight kit can work in normal when we insert wires into plugs on the car directly.

how to install xenon hid kit

how to install xenon hid kit

Then we use electrical tap to tie stock wire and plugs down.

tie stock wires and plugs down

tie stock wires and plugs down

Here we’ll show you one of fixing ways, it’s like shape of capital letter “T”!

Details , go to our installation guide video

Tips & Warnings
A complete, high-quality HID kit is not much more expensive than cheap discount brands. Use forums and chat boards to verify the preferred HID assemblies for your particular vehicle.Do not adjust HID lights upward; doing so can blind oncoming drivers.

For your particular xenon hid bulbs type, provide you with  different bulb types and colors for your choice.

Available Bulb Types: 880/881, H1, H3, H3C, H4 (9003), H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, 9004, 9005 (HB3), 9006 (HB4) and 9007

Special Types: 9004-2/9007-2/H13-2/D2R/D2S/D2C/H3C is $15 more expensive

Available Colors: 4300K, 5000K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K and 12000K

Speical Colors: 3000K, 15000K is $15 more expensive

Price: start from $51.81, free shipping, and one year warranty…

Always at your service–