Extends Leadership in 3D-Ready Projectors For PS3 Players

New LCD Projectors Ready to Deliver Stereoscopic 3D Quality Video and Images for ps3 players

Delivering Immersive Home Theater Experience beyond anything you know today, You can enjoy your 3D-ready projectors and playstation 3 games at home whenever you like. Just need a video cable to connect your ps3 and projector.

play ps3 with lcd projector

play ps3 with lcd projector today meets consumers` growing demand for 3D imagery for ps 3 and playstation 3 games with newly-lunched LCD projector and video projectors.

 The three-dimensional experience is made available by combining the projectors` DLP 3D projection capabilities and high refresh rates. As a result, the flat surface of any wall can be transformed into a 3D screen.

ps3 projector screen

ps3 projector screen

The new video projectors extended by provide incredibly compelling and realistic 3D video and images that make customers feel like they are part of the experience.Additionally, consumers will thoroughly enjoy the superior visuals projected from these new models even while watching traditional 2D content.

Home theater enthusiasts will enjoy video, game, photos and more in an incredible level of realism and video immersion using the new LCD projector. This short-throw projector displays clear, large images up to 109-inches diagonal even while positioned as close as 6.5-feet from the screen,eliminating a long projection distance.

The newly-lunched LCD Projector is ready for a truly stellar video projection experience. The advanced projector lamp technology with illumination of up to 2500 ANSI lumens paired with the high 3000:1 contrast ratio also heightens the color and clarity of the images. Also, it can be adjusted to display images in native 16:9, so customers can view high-definition digital content without image distortion that arises from incompatible aspect ratios. The projector also has a 50-120Hz vertical refresh rate.

The LCD Projector  has ample ports that make ensure the projector can connect to TV, Sky, X-box, X-box 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, PC, Laptop, Satellite/Cable;

 The new LCD projector is available now for all customers in the world at very competitive wholesale price:$289.99 with free shipping and complete using guide and problem-solving idea online at MYDEPOTS.COM- always lead the top digital fashion trend.




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1080P projector

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